Creating a YC Bible course

It's not as simple as it looks.

This semester I will be teaching the book of Exodus - Shemot. The book tells the story of the Exodus of the Israelites from the Nile Delta into the wilderness of Sinai (location TBD). The theme of the book will have to be the subject of the first class or two.

But how can we cover the whole book in one semester? There are lots of goals I would like to have on the agenda - beqi'ut, methodologies in studying the narratives, poetry, and the legal texts, parshanut, ancient Near Eastern background - and also many different parts of the sefer I would want to include - the prologue about the subjugation and the rise and "call" of Moshe, the story of the plauges and the Exodus itself, the Song of the Sea, Amaleq, the theophany at Sinai and the Ten Commandments, Mishpatim, the mishkan, and het ha-egel. How can this be done in one semester?

How we are going to do this all

The class will combine a number of different educational elements. There will be weekly class meetings, of course, and assigned texts and readings to prepare each week. There will also be two standard sort of writing assignments, details of which will be announced soon. But there will also been reading journals that each student creates. And I'm asking everyone to use to do that.

This will allow for plain writing, when that's appropriate - and I believe it often is (like now!). But it will also allow for other types of contributions, and it is easy to include photos, videos, music, and other media. This isn't a multi-media course, so no one needs to feel that they must make videos, but since I'll be asking you to regularly respond to texts, "responses" can take different forms, and I want to encourage you to think broadly about how you want to complete each assignment. Not everyone has to make cool videos, of course:

Next week

Each week can have its own heading and own text, photos, music, videos, etc., so over the course of the semester you'll be building a cohesive and comprehensive log of your reading and your thoughts. This need only be shared with me, but of course you can share them more broadly if you'd like.

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