Unused Features of Edmodo

created by Bobby Brian Lewis

Load Assignments

This feature is a big time saver for me. When you create and assign an assignment that assignment is stored in your assignment bank. Click on the load assignments and reassign the assignment. I don't have to rewrite the assignment or attach any links or files. This can be a big time saver if you create groups every nine weeks as I do.

Schedule Messages

Do you need a feature that can help with front-end loading a course. This feature is another time saver. When I have time as a teacher to plan my lessons for the week, I can then pre-load my assignments for the week and schedule them throughout the week. Posts, assignments, alerts, polls, and quizzes can be scheduled. The schedule feature can be done by date and every half hour. This aspect of Edmodo can be very useful in a blended and flipped classroom.

Member Options

This feature provides the group owner the ability to print off the group member names, usernames of students, learning styles, career goals, number of badges, notifications, and parents codes.  The feature can help manage and organize your groups.  This hidden feature is a quick way for me to discover what students have earned badges. This feature is located at members then member options at the top of the page.