Exhaustive Instruction of Gazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Deferred from purlin roll forming machine, glazed tile roll forming machine is convenient to exchange the mound to produce glazed tile with different specifications, such as the diameter of 90, 100, 115, 125, 130, 135, 150, 180, 200, 220, and 250 and so on. In addition, this kind of roll forming machine can expand its function greatly by changing the moulds with different shapes, such as coal with cylinder-shaped, square shape and so on, so that to make the glazed tile roll forming machine become the best choice for entrepreneurs.

Of course the working principle of the glazed tile roll forming machine is very important in using as well the purlin roll forming machine. Stamping glazed tile roll forming machine is one kind of it, which is the major production equipment of the manufacturers; it will add the coal dust into the former on the tinplate to be coal through punching and pressing of punch.

Stamping glazed tile roll forming machine must complete the following actions: pulverized coal feeding, stamp coal by using the punch, clean out the dust of the punch and the coal trading, and so on.

The structure of the roof panel roll forming machine is very easy, while it is not for purlin roll forming machine. It is divided into five parts includes the body, roating, feeding, punching and conveying. Each part cooperates with each other to make harmonious and stable working.

Firstly, the body consists of the bedplate and base composition, it is the skeleton entity of the roll forming equipment. Secondly, the roating is composed with pulley, gear, shaft and other parts. The roating through the two gears to the shaft by the belt, also through a pair of bevel gear and the axis of rotation drive by the dial, the dial turned to the four panel movement. Thirdly, the feeding part is composed of spindle, chute and blender, it starts the blender by the gear rack to mix up the coal and but it into the former.

The punching part of the roll forming machine contains four pole, sliding, beam, springs, and pressure plate and so on. When the machine is rotating by two gears through driving the slide beam, when punching down, set up spring austerity, and washing coal into with pressure forming, forming loose coal by pressing activity plate to decide press the coal.

The conveying part of the roll forming machine contains transmission rack, belt pulley, holder and conveyer belt, which transport the forming coal outside by random rotation, adjustable screw can adjust the degree of tightness of the conveyer belt on the transmission rack.

All of the statements discussed above are the detailed introduction of the glazed tile roll forming machine, except this kind of roll forming machine, there are other different types, such as cold roll forming machine, purlin roll forming machine, gluten series roll forming machine and so on. No matter which one of them, it is very useful in different field. http://www.broswright.com/Slittingmachine/