Jethro Tull

Agricultural horse-drawn seed drill

Jethro's life at first

Jethro Tull, was born in England - Berkshire. In the beginning, Jethro was in the study of law and graduated from Oxford University. Farm work as well. Not just any normal and low-class farm work, but having deeper experiments and research on inventing tools that could improve lives for farmers in their daily work! Tools like carts, auto rakes. But the most successful thing that he had ever came up to, was "the Seed Drill".

the Seed Drill

Firstly, the Seed Driller is a cart that positions seeds in the soil and then finishes every time by covering them as well. Bt deeply it works like this.....

The cart needs to be pulled forward, to allow the coulters to cut open the soil, with a mechanism on the hopper periodically allowing a constant amount of seeds to drop into the cut-open soil, and finishing with a cover up.

Even today, some of the farmers from all around the world, are still using this good idea, to work better on their farm works and improving their working quality too! It has a big leap towards the future concept of invention.

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