My Goals

Linzi Long
March 31, 2014
First Period

One of my personal goals is to go skydiving. I think it would be something new to try, that not many people have experienced. It would be fun, but also dangerous. I would have to take many precautions to ensure my safety.

One of my educational goals is to make good grades. As of right now, I am an A/B student. I want to achieve all A's in high school. I will have to study hard, but I know it's worth it. Getting good grades will help me in the long run.

My nutritional goal is to start eating balanced meals. Normally I snack and eat junk food that doesn't give me much energy. During meal time I do not eat enough vegetables and fruit. I should start drinking more water as well. Eating right would help me in many different ways.

My fitness goal is to gain more endurance. I am mostly fit and can run short distance. I will have to build myself up in order to do this. It would be beneficial to run a little bit everyday. Being able to run long periods of time will help me tremendously in soccer.

For humanitarian, I would like to work in a soup kitchen or go on a mission trip. Doing these deeds would show me how other people live and it may open my eyes to new things. It would show me how to appreciate the smaller things.

For a career goal, I would like to work in the medical field. I don't know what job i would like to pursue. This will take getting into college and working hard. I will have to stay on the right path and plan ahead.

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