My Income + Career Goal Investigation
By: Ammiel Townsend
Computer Science Period 4
Completed March __, 2014

Description of my research:

I got the highest score at realistic and artistic and my partners highest was social and realistic as well. The career that I have chosen was Electrician, Comedian and  Clothes Designer.

After talking to my partner we decided that electrician would better suit me as a career.

CareerShip : Careers For Electricians

I would need to achieve my high school diploma to become an electrician. Also there is training I need in order to become an electrician to make sure I know what it is I will be doing. A few months up to no longer then a year. I would need to study engineering and technology, mathematics, mechanical , English language, and public safety & security.

Income of the Average Electrician

I would really like to work in New York however I am willing to work any where I can learn more than I would after get a degree. Also I would like to work anywhere that make plenty of money. The average electrician earns approximately $52,910 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor of Labor Statistics. The average hourly pay for an electrician was estimated to be 25.44. However it seems like plenty of money you get paid based on the company you work with as well. For example if your company has a crapy reputation than you get paid a crap amount.

Electrician Positions

Here are a list of electrician positions that are available for me to pick.

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