The Forum of Trajan

Construction of Trajan's Forum
The forum was built between 106-112 AD, with its inauguration in 112 and Trajan's Column inaugurated in 113 AD. Trajan's Forum was built and designed by the architect Apollodorus of Damascus. The forum was made out of cobbled blocks of limestone and marble. It's location was in the very center of Rome. Many of the materials were re-used for other projects, which is why so much of the Forum is gone today.

Layout of Trajan's Forum
Trajan's Forum was an addition to the present forum. It consisted of the forum itself, a temple, Trajan's Column and the market place. To the North is the Basilica Ulpia which is seperate from the temple he created. From the south side are grand arches with a massive statue of Trajan himself. On the east and west sides were Trajan's Markets, consisting of shops. One side of Trajan's Market was built in a semi-circular arch into the side of a hill. The shops were all connected to exdrae, or domes that are semi-circular.

History of Trajan's Forum
The Forum of Trajan was the spoils of a war won by Trajan over the Dacians. It was tradition for an emperor to add on their own part to a forum; and this part was an addition to the already existing forum. There are some remains of Trajan's Forum, but most of it was destroyed over the years.

How was Trajan's Forum Used?
The forum was seen as a social gathering center. It had places to shop and plenty or room to see and meet new people and it met their social needs. Along with being built in honor of Trajan, it was also needed for Rome's vastly expanding population. As more battles were won and places were being conquered, Rome needed more public places like Trajan's Forum for the people. So, Trajan added useful places for the public, like its shopping malls and temples.

Trajan's Forum Influence on Modern Building
Many styles, like massive columns and decorative features can be seen on government and higher-end buildings in America as well. Take the U.S. Supreme Court House for example- you might mistake its large columns and grandiose features for something found in ancient Roman times, down to the white marble. Monuments like the Washington Square Arch and Baltimore's Washington Monument are both based off of monuments from ancient Roman times as well. As far as city layouts, most public places, like Trajan's Forum, are located centrally in the city.

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