By ShadowBoy

Collies have coats of silky straight fur.A Collies body  is just a bit longer than its tail.Collies have six to ten puppies in a litter.A German Shepherd is a breed of a type of dog.German Shepherds a popular pets.German Shepherds belong to there herding group of dogs.There tail is long and bushy.Shis tzus  have small bodies.Shis tzus have small tails.Shis tzus have three tonfour puppies in a litter.Bichons frises have fluffy fur.Bichons frises need food and water every day.In french a Bichons Frises name is curly lab dog.The dog is one of the most popular animals in the world.Homless dogs travel in groups called packs.Each toe on a dog has a pad and a claw.Dogs clain territory and mark it as there own.Bulldogs are short and wide.A Bulldog head looks to big for its body.Chihuahuas are  the smallest breed of dog.Chihuahuas have either short or long hair.Female Chihuahuas give birth to three to six puppies.Dachshunds are small dogs.Dachshunds have long bodies and short legs.They have floppy long ears.A african hunting dog is wild.There are only 5,000 wild hunting dogs left in the wild.African hunting dogs are meat eaters.Wild dogs can chase there pray for 3 miles.A female dog gives birth to a litter of twelve puppies about to months later.A litter contains two to Fifteen puppies.Dogs have been with people since the prehistoric time.Pugs are short ,strong bodies.Female pugs only give birth to small litters of two to five puppies.Pugs need fresh food and water every day.


                                          Pugs are friendly. Pugs are brave.Pugs are funny.Pugs often are short,grunt,and they snore.

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