Inuit tribe by Raegan, Audrey, and Chloe

people often call them eskimos

(above in blue is the area that most inuits were located in)

The Inuits were a group of culturally similar people inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, and the United States. Their climate was a Tundra, It was very cold and mostly covered in snow except in some areas during the summer.

The Inuit tribe did not really have structures of sorts, but they did have Unuksuk which is a stone landmark that is suppose to be sacred. They would sometimes hide things in them saving for the winter, etc. It was basically a pile of rocks that they would build up one by one almost like a sacrifice.

Some of their famous leader were Pkalik (premier of Njunavut), Nancy Karetak-Lindell              (Member of Parliament of Canada) Leona Agulukkarq (Canada's Minister

major battles: they were very peaceful tribe, they shared everything and treated anything or body with equal respect (including the land, animals, plants, people)

major natural resources: strips of blubber from seals and whales

trading partners: awaa, and caribou inuit

trade items: raw, hide, and other materials (probably seal oil made from seal fat put in the lamps to keep them cool

roles of men and women:

  • Men: built the houses, hunted, and fished.
  • Women: cooked, dressed the animal skins, made clothing, and looked after the children

education: they were taught how to survive, and make things to help their family

clothing: warm and waterproof, oats with fur-lined hoods where mothers can keep their babies warm, kaniks or boots with soles made out of seal skin or even anoraks made out of seal stomach lining.

cuisine:Traditionally, the Inuit eat food which is rich in protein like raw meat,muktuk, which is whale membrane, and fish. During the summer, they cut out strips of meat and fillets of fish which are put out to dry in the sun. They then store the food under some stones so that animals don't steal it.

religion: magical beings, woman wore masks on their fingers to help attach spirits.

Inuits used kayaks made of animal hide to get around in the water but on land they had sleds that their dogs pulled.

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