How to Save a Life
by: Tania Acevedo

The story "How to Save a Life" is a remarkable tale about two teenage girls who meet. Jill is a teenage girl who is a wreck after her father died in a car accident, she isolates herself leaving behind her boyfriend and her bestfriends, but then when she thought nothing could get any worse her mother decides to adopt a baby. Jill thinks that she is making a mistake and is just trying to fill the void that she has now that her husband is gone. Mandy is also a teenage girl who is pregnant which the baby will soon be given to Jill's mother. Mandy never had very much freedom and is very absent minded when it comes to the rest of the world. Her mother always told her what to do, her mothers boyfriend always was very demanding and abused of her, but she was so absent minded that she didn't see anything wrong with it. As the two girls meet Jill quickly does not take a liking to her and doesn't want her to be apart of her or her mothers life. But then Jill soon decides to give Mandy a break not knowing what she has been through or how she might be feeling to giving her baby away.                                          

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