The Zernebog

By Doug Leclerc

The legend of the Zernebog, which means "Black God" begins with a happy alligator named Juan who lived a zoo in southern Mexico...


Not happy with his life as a zoo animal, he and five other animals escaped and went north, where his friend Julio the Giraffe said they were nicer to zoo animals.

Juan and the gang began to trek through canyons and rivers to get to the American border where border patrol stopped him because his passport was not up to date.

Juan did not come 1000 miles just to be turned around, however; he was going to get through to America. Juan bought a bus and told his animal friends to get on.

So, Juan hit 120 on the bus, and plowed through the main gate. He got off the bus in Texas and wished luck to everyone they all went their separate ways.

Juan began traveling north by hitchhiking on highways and soon enough he was in New York City, where Julio the Giraffe said he had a friend, Melman, who is a successful zoo actor.

Melman the Giraff - Bing Images." Melman the Giraff - Bing Images. N.p., n.d. W

Melman hooked Juan up with a place to stay in the zoo.

However, this is where Juan becomes evil.

One day on a nice summer afternoon, a new shipment of exotic Jamaican spiders were being delivered to the spider exhibit. Due to bad shipping by UPS however, one of the boxes was cracked slightly. No one noticed, and slowly spiders started climbing out one by one and they were dropped onto the ground, free to roam the city and the zoo.

That night while Juan was sleeping, one of the exotic Jamaican spiders crawled up beside him and bit him in the ear. Juan didn't notice it at first, but the next morning he got very sick.

His scales started falling off and turned pale, his eyes became black,his blood turned to ice, and two legs sprouted out of his body from each side as he screamed for help. The spider had completely altered his DNA and made him half spider, half alligator.He became the Zernebog, a pure evil creature who lurks the nighttime in search of food.


As the legend goes, he escaped and fled to the sewers where he has yet to be discovered by anyone. Although some claim they can hear him making spider webs in the depths of the New York City sewers.

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