Inca Empire

The Inca Empire's Physical Features involve stone walls built diagonally from each other and since they lived high in the mountains the clouds concealed the city protecting it in case anyone was ever to attack.

The Inca's daily life was mainly farming, hunting and weaving. Since they lived on the mountains they found llamas and alpacas, both animals seem to help them survive. Getting crops on the mountain would be hard but the stone walls help farmers crop food and the animals help get water/food from down the mountain. They had to weave clothing because it was cold in the mountain but like anything else they learned to adapt to the cold. The Incas are very peaceful and do sacrifices rarely, only on special occasions, they would throw corn into fire for the sun god. The Incas transfer messages not by phone or technology but instead they send messengers that run miles and miles then they pass the message to another messenger and they do that until they get it to who its meant to be for.