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amy 7f

we learnt how to access dropbox where you can back up any files from your p-drive. in dropbox you can access any of your files from anywhere on any device in the word. to access drop box you click on the internet or google chrome icon or you can download it from the app store and you simply sign up for free. we use dropbox to backup your P-drive because your P-drive can disappear from your desktop. It also means you can access it from home.

today we used scratch I saw some ideas that other people made and had a go at playing them. Emily beat me at clash. on  the third photo I highlighted all the games I played. We played the games so that we could learn more about making our own games. with the games we played we looked at each of the codes.

i have made a folder for digital tech. In that folder i have two folders for each subject in digital tech. to access that folder i click on computer on my  desktop, then into my            p-drive, then into my folder.i will add more folders as i go and i did it because it makes it easier to find things if they are sorted into folders.

we learnt how to use pixlr by going to Google Chrome and typing in pixlr.com. In middle school we use pixlr EXPRESS then we click on browse that is shown in the second picture. browse allows me to choose any picture that i have saved in my p-drive and then edit it. (picture 4) shows my edit of the photo i took in picture 3. in pixlr we learnt heaps such as changing hue, saturation, brightness, we can add overlays, splashes, blurs, frames and heaps more. we used pixlr to enhance our photos to make them look better.

we learnt how to do code. i did 20 different mazes in code. we did code as practice for making our own games on scratch. we had to try and get the figure to the other by using a minimum of moves which takes strategy and concentration.

today we practiced making our own games. i went into other games and looked at the strategy and technique of then then had a go at doing it myself. we had a lot of fun creating sprites. mast of the games we played had massive lists of moves that im sure would have taken a long time.

today I made my own scratch I found an elephant sprite and used Google chrome to help  me learn how to make my sprite move. then i uploaded a witch and made the elephant chase the witch. i circled the technique for making the sprite move in lime green. Mr Gallagher helped me by showing me how to make the sprite turn around when it gets to the edge.

we got to use sweet home today. it took along time but ive almost done my living room Emily D Emily L and Alia helped me with somethings. we used google chrome to download more furniture and objects that gave us more variety. i learnt how to change colour texture shape size height width and length of the object. we had alot of fun designing our dream house. we are doing this because when we get older we might have to do it when we design our real house. it also gives us an ides of how to make things work so that they are not in the way of other things.

i almost finished my house. i have done my kitchen lounge room bed room and almost my bathroom. its taking some time but im almost done i cant wait to Finished.  i am trying to add a lot of detail by adding power points fruit in the kitchen iphones on the table books magazines and heaps of other things!

i learnt how to 3d print. the second picture is something MR Gallagher made it took him 20 minutes to print so it takes along time. we are not aloud to touch the 3d printer because it can get up to about 230 degrees. so we watch it get printed while MR G does it.  

we are making pivots for harmony day. to show people bullying isn't necessary. we can load or make our own background. most people are making one of people fighting then someone breaking it up. i haven't really decided on mine but I've had a play around on it.

today we watched 3 videos about sketch-up then we all made our own  chair. to do a chair i drew a square and pulled it into 3d and cut out a bottom square and a top square then out of the bottom two rectangles as shown in the first picture i then cut another square on each side to make it have four legs as shown in the second picture. then i used the curving tool to create the curve at the top. i decided to colour it brown.

these are the tools we used the one circled with red is the eraser you use to erase any lines or mistakes you have drawn. the pencil is circled in dark blue you draw any 2d shape with it. the curving tool is circled in black you use it to curve a shape. the tool in aqua is the tool that pulls your 2d design into 3d. the tool in green is the tool used to colour and texturise your design. the 3 main tools are the ones highlighted yellow the first one is orbit that is used to move under above ect. the second one is called pan that is used to turn around without moving and the magnifying glass is zoom used to zoom in and out.

I made a bedroom on sketch up i learnt how to make a square without drawing it by using a different tool.

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