Billy O' Billy


Billy with the eyes of satin,

Billy of ragedy clothes, and rottin yellow teeth,

Billy who gets picked on by everyone

Does not have nice things

lives under a ragedy shack like house

Takes care of his sick mother

searches to get a job to help pay bills

wishes he could die.

Billy, trying to help out

crying because because he is be punished for not able to always do everything

spending most of his time in his room

crying because his father just doesn't care about him

Billy, inside those torn wrinkled clothes

inside his cold trembiling worried heart

inside his terrible life

is yernning to be free and joyful.

standing in the playground with no friends

watching others play

wishing he could dissapear

reaching for an opportunity to find a friend

looking but no one wants to befriend him, his happines leaving, him like a fart in the wind.

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