My Favorite season

By: McKenna Allen

It’s smell likes a nice fresh breeze and when you walk in to someone's house they smell like pumpkin spice….

It’s colorful and they’re dark colors like Brown, Orange, Red people are starting to put decorations up and worlds of fun start putting up there stuff and the little kids that go to worlds of fun dont like the scary stuff….

what sound i hear i hear if you go be field farmers are planting pumpkins.

What most people eat during this season is pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes,turkey, candy. Those are some of the foods i can’t think of all of them. What if feels like an this season it warm mostly cold winds but not all the time and its warm and mostly cold. Trees are beautiful, its colorful, and nice outside.

I love this season because it has my sisters birthday has and it has some of my family birthdays and it has holidays that you like to spend with your family very much and you will love it to its like you love your family like a piece of pie

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