A beautiful place to visit

In summer, the hottest temperature is 41 degrees celcius, and the minimum is 30 degrees celcius. If you want to go to the beach and have fun in the hot, then go to madrid at summer, you would like to take a short shirt and some shorts. During winter, it gets below zero at night, and 6-8 degrees at daytime. If you want to go to Madrid during winter, make sure to take lots of jackets and long shirts. Also take pants to warm you up.

The hotels in Madrid are amazing. There are hotels of all type. One of them is the Westin Palace. It is a 5 star hotel with a great service. Another great hotel is the Hotel Principe Pio. An amazing 5 star hotel as well. Finally one of the best hotels in Madrid, the one and only Abba Madrid Hotel.

One of the things that most atracts people is the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. THis stadium is among the biggest in the world and it is incredibly beautiful. Another incredible thing that attracts is the Royal Madrid the most attractive place to visit in Madrid is the Plaza de Cibeles It is a beautifully build palace that is in the middle of MAdrid.

There are many delicious foods in Madrid. Some common foods they eat are tapas. TApas are like potatoes that are covered with cheese. Another popular food is Garlic soup. it is made out of Fine Garlic. Another popular food they eat in Madrid is patatas.It is potato with eggs. YUMMY!

Some popular newspapers in Madrid are the ABC. Another good newspaper in Madrid is the Adelantado de

Finally, the most popular newspaper in Madrid is the El mundo Siglo.

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