The Odyssey

Book 3

Telemachus and mentor  go visit the two kings Nestor at Pylos and go visit king Menelaus. As they reached Pylos they witness a religious ceremony where dozens of bulls are sacrificed to the god of the sea Poseidon. Telemachus has little experience with public speaking and mentor gives him encouragement to speak to the king. Telemachus ask King Nestor if he has heard any news of Odysseus. King Nestor says after the fall of Troy, Agamemnon decides to stay on shores of Troy to continue sacrificing and Odysseus stayed with him. King Nestor has not  heard any news about Odysseus. King Nestor then wishes Telemachus good luck.

Book 4

King Menelaus and Queen Helen are celebrating the marriages of their son and daughter at Sparta. They recognize Telemachus as the son of Odysseus. They tell Telemachus stories of Odysseus cunningness, Queen Helen tells Telemachus when Odysseus dressed up a beggar to infiltrate city walls. King Menelaus tells the famous story of Trojan horse and how they were able to sneak into Troy and slaughter the Trojans. Menelaus recounts his return to Troy he is stranded in Egypt and is forced to capture Proteus, the divine old man. Proteus tells Menelaus his way back to Sparta and informed him of the fates of Agamemnon and Ajax ( another Greek hero) who survived Troy only to suffer back in Greece. He also told them the news of Odysseus about how he was still alive but imprisoned by Calypso on her island. Meanwhile the suitors at Odysseus's house learn about Telemachus's long journey and prepare to attack him when he returns. the herald Medon overheard their plan and tells Penelope. She is deeply upset when she reflects that she may lose her son in addition to her husband. Athena  then sends a phantom in the form of her sister,  Iphthime. Iphthime tells her not to worry for the gods will protect Telemachus.

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