Alastor social resume

Many know me for what i do, but just in case you don't, i'm alastor. god of family feuds and avenger of evil deed's.
by: Emmanuel Sixto

Don't get me angry, or you'll regret it, and watch your back. And most important of all stay out of my way
Evil: profoundly immoral or malevolant


Evil is the best thing that can happen to anyone. Evil is the biggest part of me and always will. Just look at me, I'm feared by most due to the fact that I'm evil!

Favorite movie: The Avengers

This is my favorite movie, but not because of he avengers, but because Loki is in it. I think he is a brillint evil mastermind. He tries to conquer the world with the help of the chitauris', he even attempts to beat and kill his own brother, Thor, just to conquer the world. Unfortunately, he fails. But I also like the action in it between him and the Avengers, plus did you see the chitauris'. Gorgeus aren't they. I bet Hades "pet's" would be jealous.

Vacation spots: New York and Italy

My vacay spots New York and Italy are the best, because since there is too much death and violence in New York, it's the perfect place to commit my atrocities and make those mortals suffer. I could probably bump into Thanatos, cause after all he is the gd of death.

Ahhh. New York's death and violence. That's all I need.

Italy would also be one of my vacay spots, because it's said that somewhere in the mountains there is a entrance to the underworld a.k.a. my good ole' friend Hades's cozy home, and when was the last time I visited?

Hades, here i come!!

Favorite Food: Spicy Mint Beef

My favorite food is spicy mint beef beacause mortals prove themselves "machos" by eating spicy food and so no one wants for others to lose respect for them, so i tried it and it turns out that I like it. So I can keep my dignity while eating. Where they serve this delicacy is at "The Taste Place."

Spicy Mint Beef. Yummm!!!
The Taste Place

Favorite Show: The Walking Dead

This is my favorite show because it has zombies, blood, gore, but the dead aren't there only problem; the living are too. The reason the living are there problem too it's because some people are actually pretty evil. For example, one of my favorites:), when the governor attacks the prison where Rick and his group of survivor's are living. This is a act of malevolence.

Favorite Book: IT

My favotite book: IT. SPOOKY!!!!!!

This is my favorite book the clone is like the creepiest and most evil thing ever. He tries to kill the children and eat them. Can this book get even scarier?

Favorite Sport: Football


Football is my favorite sport, because it is such an intense sport with all the tackling, hitting, and popping. This isn't my only favorite part, but what I'm also interested in is how they are really good at catching, throwing, running. The best part about this is when players get injured. What I mean about this is when players bleed, or even brake bones!!!


It's pretty self explanatory on what my hobbies are due to my title, like duhh, can't you tell what they are by saying: Alastor, God of Family Feuds and avenger of evil deed's. This is practically what I do all day, every day, and since I do it all the time I guess you can call it a hobby.

Pet Peeve's: Movies, Books, or Shows were good triumphs over evil :(


My pet peeves are movies, shows, or books were good triumphs over evil. The amazing spiderman is an example of that. I mean, why can't they make movies like an dark emperor conquers the world and makes everyone slaves, or something like that. This kind of stuff puts me in ridicule with the other gods. Hey! Hollywood! Why don't you shape up and give us better movies than this kind of garbage, huh?

family and Friends

I'm son of Neleus and Chloris. My brother is Nestor, and I have other brothers but I don't know them DUE TO THE FACT THAT HERACLES TOOK THEM AND KILLED THEM!! My wife is Harpalyce. One of my companions, or shall I say friends is Sarpedon.

Favorite Music: Rock by the FOO FIGHTERS

Rock is my favorite kind of music and my favorite band is Foo Fighters. These guys are incredible and I love the way they play there instruments and sing, but the thing I most like about this band is that their songs are amazing. You have to watch the video above, it may be long, but it's totally worth to see this awesome band.

Thanks for SNOOPING!!! And watch your back

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