Cardboard Balers – Knowing Everything About This Recycling Tool

With growing concern towards the environment and a need to make optimum use of natural resources, industries all across the world are looking for effective ways to recycle their resources. Factories turn to chemical water treatment to ensure that industrial water is made safe for reuse again. Manufacturers turn waste materials into fuel or try to extract some other utility from the by-products generated as a result of their processes. In the same way, packaging and storage units as well as wholesalers look for means to recycle the cardboard waste that is created as a result of their day to day operations.

Cardboard balers are the tools that can help organisations in ensuring that the waste products created as a result of their processes is dealt with in a proper and environmentally friendly manner. The machine has found wide application in a variety of settings including cardboard/paper waste recycling facilities, cardboard/paper manufacturing units, supermarkets, department stores, grocery stores, drug stores, printing facilities, and other facilities that generate large amounts of waste paper on a daily basis. Let us take a closer look at the tool and attempt to understand what it actually does.


A cardboard baler is a machine which uses the compressing force of hydraulic cylinder to reduce the size of various waste materials and turn them to regular shaped dense bales (in most cases, square shape). Once this bale of cardboard waste is ready, the operator can use the machine or another supplementary tool to strap it with belts or steel wires, making sure that its compact state is maintained even after being ejected from the system. This will eventually allow packagers to safely transport shredded cardboard bales safely where they can be reused for other processes.


Cardboard balers can be used to process a variety of paper based materials. These include cartons, used corrugated cardboard (O.C.C.), paper, film, packing materials and the like. This wide scope of treatment allows this machine to prove useful for many industries, including commercial packaging, moving and transportation as well as everyday supermarket and grocery stores.


The machine comes with a variety of features and add-ons to help operators in completing the task of dealing with cardboard and paper waste effectively and efficiently. Most processes related to the machine are automated which eventually cuts down on labour costs and helps improve performance. Cardboard balers usually come equipped with an Auto Chain Bale Ejector for automatically ejecting bales out of the chamber through the lifting force of the chain. The feeding door is designed for efficient loading of material including large size waste sheets which will later be processed into compact bales. Feeding door is also automated so as to save on time, effort and labour costs involved. The process has been optimised for generating highly compact and densely packed cardboard bales which can later be transported and stored safely in warehouses, pending further use.

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