Scott Ecke

My name is Scott Ecke, I love football and hanging out with friends. Me and my friend Jacob Brooks love to go to the park every couple days to shoot hoops. I love sports i'm usually outside trying to practice.

Three Things About me


I love football, I have been playing football for a while. I play tight end and SS, it feels great getting tackles and catching a ball knowing your gonna score. My teammates are awesome, there always helping me out if i'm confused or their just cheering me on from the sideline.


Animals are great. My favorite is the cats, throughout my whole life i only owned cats. At the moment i have a cat named Tiger, when i'm laying on the ground he loves to come over and headbutt me. I hope he doesn't die anytime soon because hes the best.


Food is pretty much a hobbie for me. I may look pretty small but if you hanged out with me for a whole day you would realize why its a hobbie. I love many foods, starting from the common pizza to snack wraps, Cooking up burgers, and my favorite steak.

My Goals

1. Start a business, I always wanted to open a store or a small place. I never really thought was i was gonna open it for but, it probably will have to do something with food. I will try to take chief classes to get a basic understanding.

2. Make a college football team, when i grow up i wanna end up playing for a college team. It doesn't matter what team it is but, i hope we're good. I will attempt to accomplish this by practicing hard and knowing my stuff.

3.  Knowledge, I wanna become as smart as i can. I'm and average A/B student but i wanna go for those straight A's. I'm gonna pay attention and do my best in school.

Place i wanna visit

I wanna visit Florida, aside from the horrible hurricanes I want to head down to the beautiful beaches where i can enjoy the view and stay in the greatest hotels. The biggest reason i wanna go there is the climate, its always hot their and i love that.

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