Mongol Dynasty

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         In the late 1100s, a powerful khan named Temujin began to conquer his rivals and unite the Mongol clans. In 1206, taking the title Genghis Khan, which means “Universal Ruler.” He organized the Mongols into a powerful military machine, enforced strict discipline, and demanded complete loyalty. The Mongols religion was Confucianism. There Capital was a Karakorum. The Mogols had different Clans or Legions as a Style of Government.  

Achievements of the Mongol

          The Mongols constructed roads that united Europe and Asia. Mongol Khans funded advances in medicine and astronomy. They spread the culture and innovations of the places that they conquered. They united the areas along the Silk Road and ensured protection along the Silk Road to encourage trade and travel. The Mongols successfully established and maintained the largest empire in history. They permitted European merchants and craftsmen to travel and trade in China.