Mobile Technology

For K-12 Technology Enhanced Learning Environments

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What is it? mobl21  is a mLearning tool in which mobile flash cards, study guides and quizzes can be made. This tool allows learners to collaborate and study on the go as the content created can be published to a variety of devices.

How can it be used? mobl21 can be used by students to study on the go as they can access it any time from anywhere if they have published it to one (or more) of their devices. This tool also raises teacher awareness as it allows teachers to see what students are focusing on and how much mLearning is taking place.


What is it? WordPress is a user friendly personal publishing platform. WordPress is customizable by the user and can be used as a platform for just about anything.

How can it be used? Using the thousands of plugins, widgets and themes WordPress offers, students and/or teachers can create a blog (about anything) that organizes content in a unique and interesting way.

Text the Mob

What is it? Text the Mob is a polling service that allows teachers to survey their students with the use of their cellphones.

How can it be used? Text the Mob allows teachers to create a question and then gives a number that the students can text their responses to. From there, the almost instant results are given on a screen that is suitable for projection. This allows teachers and the students to see how the class feels or what they believe about a certain topic or subject area.

Tablets (ie. iPad)

What is it? Tablets are similar to laptops but they are smaller and generally have touch screens. They are easy to use and often have apps that allow for exploration of content. Tablets also have the ability to connect to wifi and access the internet.

How can it be used? Tablets can be used in a near endless amount of ways. Because of the ability to contain and download apps from the internet students can explore a multitude of subject matter using a tablet. For example students might explore and practice their multiplication tables using an app on their tablet such as mathmateer.


What is it? StoryKit is an app that allows individuals to create an electronic story. It also allows illustrations or photographs to be added to the story for enhancement. Also, sound can be recorded so that the story can be told aloud or sound affects can be added. The stories created can be saved directly to the iPad or iPod so that they can be accessed at anytime.

How can it be used? StoryKit can be used by students of all grade levels as the stories can be as complex or basic as the author chooses to make them. StoryKit can be used to individually practice writing, work on peer editing, encourage creativity and help develop a love for writing and reading narratives.

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