COMPARATIVE ADJECTIVES  (Adjectivos Comparativos)



Finding an Apartment (comparative adjectives)

My wife and I need a new place to live. We spent the past week-end looking at apartments. We found two apartments that we like but we can’t decide which one we like better.

I like the first apartment that we saw. It iscloser to work. It is in a newer, cleanerbuilding. The inside is brighter because it has bigger windows. The view is nicer too. Unfortunately, it is more expensive. The rent is too high.

My wife likes the second apartment that we saw. It is in an older building and it is in amore interesting neighbourhood. The apartment has larger rooms. The rent ischeaper. Unfortunately, it is farther from work than the other apartment. It would take both us longer to get to work.

We are going to look at more apartments next week-end. Maybe we will find an apartment that we both like!

2. Fill in the Blanks:

6. They have been looking at _____________________ because they need a new place to live.

7. The like different apartments. His wife likes the apartment in the _________ interesting neighbourhood.

8. One apartment is _____________ because it has bigger windows.

9. The cheaper apartment is ____________ from where they work. It will take __________ to get to work.

10. They can't ____________ which apartment to choose.



Los adjetivos comparativos son utilizados cuando queremos comparar un objeto, lugar o persona, con otra cosa.

Es por ello que primero se hará una presentación del tema con la imagen, luego se propone reproducir un vídeo breve y finalmente para fijar el contenido recientemente aprendido se procederá a realizarse las actividades que son un reading comprehension y luego un filling gaps.

Me pareció muy interesante realizar la presentacion de un tema nuevo a través de esta aplicación porque te brinda múltiples  herramientas que colaboran en conformar este tackkboard.

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