What Type of Recreation?

In this region, not only tourists, but everybody can enjoy this area! The Canadian Shield Canoeing Destination offers all sorts of activities that accommodate with the rocky landscape, the surrounding lakes and rivers, and the tall trees that the Canadian Shield is attributed with. Also, with this climate, it opens an abundant amount of opportunities  for tourist attractions. One main tourist activity is canoeing. With lakes and rivers in the Canadian Shield, it allows canoeing to be a great attraction.

Climate in The Canadian Shield

The climate in the Canadian Shield is generally warm. There are longer summers and shorter winters, which allows canoeing to be a suitable tourist activity in this great Canadian site. The Southern part of the Canadian Shield, more specifically Ontario, is warm all year long. This makes it even a bigger opportunity for canoeing and enjoying the long and hot summers. In the winter, the temperatures drop to -18 degrees celsius, whereas in the summer, the climate averages at around 25 degrees celsius. However, as the temperature would rise it is likely for it to rain.

Natural Landscape

The natural landscape of the Canadian Shield consists mostly of rock and water such as rivers and lakes. Some bodies of water are open and the rock landmasses and formations are usually not interfering with the pathways for canoeing. Other areas of the land masses in the Canadian Shield include tree areas consisting of Coniferous trees and Deciduous trees. As you can see in the picture down below, there are large rock formations as well as lakes. There are also trees on top of the rock masses. In this picture, you can see that people who would canoe, would canoe freely without any interruptions of the rock other than some, however tourists presumably can manage.

Canoe Video


The Canadian Shield Canoeing Destination is located in the Southern part of the Canadian Shield, Ontario. This tourist destination is specifically located in this area because of the weather and climate, which favours our canoeing activity. Keeping the location here, will keep the climate consistent so that there would be no disruptions to tourists while canoeing. Persistent weather in this location contributes to the tourist attraction as keeping the location elsewhere, where the climate is not promised. The location would more specifically be in the North Bay area.

Human Activities!

Why only canoe, when there's so much more to do! In the Canadian Shield there are so many opportunities tourists can take and enjoy with what the Canadiam Shield region has to offer. Activities are almost unlimited in this region. We can do all sorts of fun activities such as hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, swimming, fishing, skiing, dogsled riding, hunting and much more. With the rocky land masses formed millions of years ago, it allows the rock climbing activity to be eligible. With large amounts of animals, it also allows hunting. Furthermore, activities like canoeing, fishing and swimming are enjoyable with the lakes and rivers in this landform. As winter arrives, dogsledding, skiing and more make it possible to happen. The pictures down below show what types of activities can be enjoyed in this landform. The Canadian Shield Canoeing Destination is an ideal outdoor site to be spent with family and friends and allows bonding through our enjoyable activities.

Soil and Vegetation

In the northern parts of the Canadian Shield, there is a lot of precipitation, allowing crops to grow and flourish. This opens up opportunities for business companies that endorse farming. Deciduous trees are common in this area. However, the location where the recreation and tourist attraction will be taking place, will allow activities that will not impact or disturb the plants. Sustaining a healthy environment is key to us! In the southern part of the Boreal and Taiga Forest, which is the largest forests in Canada and mostly consists in the Canadian Shield, there are Coniferous trees where the needles are acidic. From time to time, these needles fall on to the top layer, the humus. This causes it to become acidic and contaminated giving it a greyish colour and making it shallow. The area where recreation will be taking place, would not affect the plants as the area does not grow crops due to the acidic Conferous trees.


The formation of rocks in the Canadian Shield are mostly composed of igneous rocks, however, in there are traces of metamorphic rock. Initially, five hundred million years ago, the Canadian Shield was mainly made up of metamorphic rock in the Precambrain era. This occurred by magma falling into the earth's pockets or by cool lava eruptions.

Influences on Climate Change

In this region, there is a lot of danger arising along with climate change. One main issue is endangered species. The dry boreal forest burns 1 million to 3 million hectares of land in the last decade obligating the species like the caribou to migrate. Also, with climate change spring comes way too early and by the time the caribou gets to the food plant to feed their calves, the plants already seed, which is problematic.

Potent Natural Disasters

In the Candian Shield, mainly potential forest fires can occur. This can happen from human activities which lead in carelessness, or naturally, through lightning. Eighty-five percent of the forests burn annually due to lightning. Also, nine thousand to twelve thousand forest fires occur each year. Forests fires are very hazardous and can lead to great destruction, furthermore impacting other wildlife and possibly humans. This can also affect the future standing of the boreal forest and how it is an essential to the Canadian Shield by providing most of its animals from. The picture down below can result into irresponsiblility or naturally.


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