A Visit With The Queen
by: Samantha Anderson

My head aches. I let my head stop spinning before I try to focus on anything. When I do I cannot believe it at first. I rub my eyes to be sure I'm not seeing things. It worked. The stupid, little, scientist’s invention worked. I'm surrounded by ladies in hoop dresses and men in suits. Everything around is extremely fancy, people's clothes and people's hair. The little bit of the room that I can see, through the crowd of people gathered around me, has more gold in it that all the jewelry stores in the world. It seems like a million pairs of eyes are on me, all watching to see what I'll do. I have to think of what is happening at this moment.

I remember what led up to this point. "I'll be the one who goes back into time if it will prove to you that this idiotic invention will not work." I so didn't think this would actually work. It cannot be real, it is though. I can’t believe it. He then had kindly asked "What era in history would you like to go back to?" I remember replying "The Victorian Era!" I had responded very sarcastically.

I cannot believe it. I glance at the people around me then down at my clothing. I am dressed in the same type of attire as everyone else. Finally, I find my voice. "Where am I?" I ask though I already know. I'm in a ball room. I am about to speak again when I realize that someone is pushing their way through the crowd. A young man steps forward, he looks familiar. Something tells me I'm supposed to know him. "Are you okay?" he asks. "Um, um, yes. Yes, I'm fine thank you." I pause for a moment. "I'm fine, I think, but who are you?" A shocked expression comes over his face before he replies, "I'm your brother, David. Come on lets go find a doctor and let him make sure you are alright. I think you hit your head when you fell. "N" I start to tell him no and that I'm alright, but then I take a quick glance around. The thousands of eyes are still glued to me. "Yes, that would be delightful. Thank you." I say quickly, I want to get away from all the staring eyes they are like picture where the peoples' eyes follow you around the room. It’s creepy! Even though I want to get away I remember that I'm around people from a very proper time in history.

The doctor said he didn't think anything was wrong with my head, but would like me to just rest for about a week. I think my friends would tell him that there is certainly something wrong with my head but I don't tell him. It wouldn't be proper.

Then the doctor leave and Queen Victoria walks in. She asks me how I'm feeling; I try to respond as polite and proper as possible. "I am very well, thank you. Are you feeling well? I hope. Please forgive me for being rude. I know I shouldn't talk meaninglessly." She smiles. Her eyes are soft and kind, unlike the cold hard stares of the others. "It’s quite alright." She is very kind. I should be more like her. "Samantha, I'm sorry you didn't get to enjoy the whole evening." She knows my name and I've never even met her. I've know the scientist for over a year and I still don't know his name.

I'm about to respond when...I sit up and wave my hands because I'm being smothered by the atmosphere of smoke around me. This time I'm surrounded by Caitlyn, Destiny, Victoria, Hannah, Sarah and the scientist. There is pure chaos. All of them are asking me if I'm okay. Too many questions at once. "I'm fine. How did I get back?" My head is spinning like when I woke up in the Victorian Era. They are all looking at me as if I said something in any language but English. "Back? Back from where?" I glare at Destiny, sometimes she isn't the smartest cracker in the pack."From the Victorian Era. Where else would I have been?" She laughs a little "You're kidding right? You didn't go anywhere. You blacked out for a minute from all the smoke and everything, but you didn't go anywhere." I give her that dumb look that I always give her when I think she's being stupid. "Yes I did." They're all shaking their heads. "They took me to the or called the and then Queen Victoria came in. Are you sure the time travel thing didn't work?" The scientist looks sad "No it didn't work. It just exploded and you pasted out. Your conscience must have took you to the Victorian Era based on what you knew about it. this proves that number one you have enough knowledge of that era for your mind to create that setting in your dream or whatever. Also it proves that somewhere inside you believed that my invention would work." He smiles looking satisfied about being able to explain what happened. Caitlyn smiles. "You have to tell us all about it!" I get up. "Okay." I suddenly remember how the Queen knew my name and how she was so polite. I'm going to try to be more polite. Maybe the whole reason was for my conscience to teach me that lesson. "Hey, scientist, What's your real name?" I say as we all walk out of the room. I'll be sure this is a lesson well learned.

The End

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