OrthoSpineNews/OrthoSpineList Media Kit

What's in it for you?

Thank-you for your interest in evaluating

OrthoSpineNews.com as a potential partner in

your advertising plan.

We founded OrthoSpineNews in 2008 with the

idea that we wanted to create a website that

accomplished a couple of different things. First, we

were frustrated at the amount of websites and

Google Search criteria we had to go through on a

daily basis just to stay on top of what was

happening in our industry. There is constant

change in the Musculoskeletal Industry and we

found it very difficult to find targeted news without

the noise.

The second mission we had for the site was to

gain a viewership that focused on the industry

professional rather than the surgeon. Our content

focuses on what would be of interest and useful for

the executives who run the businesses. There are

many other sites whose readership is heavily  weighted to the surgeon and their advertising

opportunities are taken by Medtronic, Zimmer and

Stryker among others.

As this all came together, we decided that we

wanted to be different and focus our ad space and

programs to attract those that see the companies

as their clients. Our advertising programs are full of

ways to help you brand your company and gain

exposure to potential customers you may not have

had an audience with before. It is important for us

to partner with companies and leaders we trust. If

someone sees a logo on our site, we want them to feel confident that they are getting an industry

leader in return. With that being said, we offer

specialty exclusivity as an option for properly

vetted advertisers. That means you won’t be

fighting with your competition on the same site.

It is our goal and sincere desire that you receive far

more value for you and your business than you

have found in other options previously.