Eve Merriam

By: Essence Best

She was born in July 19, 1916 Philadelphia,PA She died April 11, 1992,Manhattan, New York City, NY columbia university,Cornell university,University of pennsylvania.She writes Poety,fiction,and nonfiction for children,and her work was honored by the national council of teachers of english.Catch a little rhyme,weather,lullaby that she is a Jewish female

As a door

A door

is never
A door
is always

You cannot skip over,
you cannot crawl under;
walk through the wood,
it splits asunder.

If you expect it to be bolted,
it will be.

There is only one opening:
yourself as the key.

With a sigh of happiness
you pass through
to find on the other side
someone with a sigh of happiness
welcoming you.

the poem is a narrative and the similes are door,more. someone with a sigh of happiness welcoming you.there is only one opening yourself as a key.that a door has a meaning like a lot of things.I chose this because the poem sound like a good poem about a door.that it tell about he door in all types of way.

the poem has sound and forms and figurative language in the poem. it has rymes and all the good word about the poem and the author like wring books.

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