My PAAC Digital Portofolio 2014-15


For over a year now I've created many things in this class, hre is some of the best things I've created!

1.Emails and blogs

I've made a few blogs in this class, but still more than I thought I would ever write. I never saw myself as blogger, and I still don't, but it was a nice experience  learning/experiencing  "Blogging first-hand".Here is a link to my blogs:

I also learned how to send emails and that they are used more frequently in  "the business world" side of things.

2.Keynote Presentations

I have made a lot of keynotes. I can't show them all but this is one of my favorites:

3.Video Production

I loved this lesson because it taught me a lot of new things I most likely will use in the future. One of the projects was "My Dog Nima":


Probably one of the most long lessons in this class, but at the same time really fun. I really learned a lot in the Photoshop lesson, and I made a bunch of really cool pictures like the ones below:

5.Fashion Design

 One of my least favorites, this lesson was hard but I made this very   awesome design:

6.Game Design

My absolute favorite class  absolutely had to be  "game design" I just absolutely learned so much from this lesson and had so much fun while doing so. I made I really cool keynote of my favorite games series "Assassin's creed"


Another useful lesson that will help me on later on in life. This lesson wasn't to fun to say the least but it was really useful to learn. Here's a few examples:

8.Digital photography

Last but not least "Digital Photography".Again not one of my favorites but it was very useful Here's my favorite one:

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