Heather Whitestone

Ladies and Gentlemen your 1995 Miss America is Alabama's Heather Whitestone but Heather didn't bust out in tears like any other winner. She looked at her other contestants to see who won they were all looking at her, but she couldn't hear she was deaf. She was born as a normal baby on February 24,1973.when she was 18 months old she became sick.The doctors gave her a flu Medicine and she became deaf.

The doctors told her mother she would not make it past third grade.But her mother was going to make Heather speak. She enrolled her in dance class hoping that rhythm would help her learn to speak.
Her mother thought speech was more important than sign language.Therefore Heather didn't learn sign language until she was a senior in high school.
Through all the challenges she faced Heather kept a good attitude in her childhood and her adulthood.
During her one year reign as Miss America Heather used most of her time working with desk children. She focused on getting the word out to all kids (deaf and hearing) that positive thinking is very powerful.
After her reign as Miss America she married John McCallum a hearing man. She has written three books. Heather has had a cochlear. Implant in her right ear. Heather is 40 and has two children.
Heather is truly an inspiration and defiantly proves that anything is possible with God's help.

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