Nelson Mandela

Alysha Boone

Timeline of Nelson Mandela's Life

  • 1918- Born Rolihlahla Mandela at Mvezo in the Transkei
  • 1925- Attends a primary school where he receives the name "Nelson"
  • 1939- Enrolls at the University College of Fort Hare
  • 1942- Completes a BA through the University of South Africa
  • 1948- Elected national secretary of the ANCYL
  • 1951- Nelson was elected president of the ANCYL
  • 1952- Mandela was arrested for violating the Supression of Communism Act; sentenced to nine month of imprisonment
  • 1956- Nelson is arrested and joins the 155 others for treason; all of them are found not guilty in 1961
  • 1962- Leaves the country for military training and to give support for the ANC; sentenced to five years in prison for incitement and for leaving the country without a passport
  • 1963- Appears in court for the first time in what becomes known as the Rivonia Trial; pleads not guilty
  • 1964- All of them except for two people are sentenced to life
  • 1982- Mandela is sent to Pollsmoor Prison
  • 1988- Nelson was moved from Pollsmoor Prison to Victor Verster Prison
  • 1990- Released from prison; elected ANC Deputy President
  • 1993- Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  • 1994- Votes for the first time; elected to be the first president of a democratic South Africa; inaugurated as President of the Republic of South Africa; launches his autobiography
  • 1995- Establishes the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund
  • 1999- Steps down after serving one term as President of South Africa
  • 2004- Mandela announces that he will be stepping down from public life
  • 2010- Nelson's second book "Conversations With Myself" is published
  • December 5, 2013- After being in and out of the hospital many times, Nelson Mandela dies. Nelson Mandela will always be remember as a leader and as a person who wanted social change and world peace.
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