Best iPhone Apps for Selfies

Do you understand the concept of Selfies? It's a type of self portrayed shot, it may be captured on cell phones or camera. It is quite common now a days that people are fond of Selfies. Numerous app are flooded in App Store for having Selfies in your iPhone. So capture the best shot possible for Selfie. There are also number of apps that are available which helps in making you more fair and remove the blemishes, but lets take a look at what is the best available in market:


Picr is a popular selfie journal and it reminds you every time to snap your picture. You can then put together a short video with over a period of time. To add the unlimited reminders you will need the Pro Version of Picr which is available as in-app purchase for $2.99. it unlocks all features.


Snapchat is a popular app which allows you to take any kind of picture which can be easily used in Selfies. After the click, users can easily put on text and also edit the picture with different kinds of tools. After a gap of certain time, you can even set your photos for self destruct.


FaceTune is a popular photo editing app which works with some serious blemishes errors. The steps that users should follow is that you open the photo which needs editing with FaceTune or you can even snap a new picture. The editing tools allows the things like skin blemishes, yellowed teeth or even users can adjust their skin texture. This app has been known to impress the audience. Its pretty much similar to have Photoshop in your palms.


Amongst all of Selfie Apps, SnapDash is known to be the most popular app. In this application, Snapdash, users have to select a category in which you have to click. It provides you with the time slot of 6 seconds to pose your best face. After the click, you can easily share it with your friends and on your social network. Same ways, your friends also responds with their Snapdash. Therefore, its quite popular with the users.