The Shack Final Exam.

By:Danielle McCullough.

These characters above, are characters that I believe could really play in the movie The Shack. Avan Jogia was picked because he really does come close to how I believe that Jesus would look, he is young and talented, though I do understand that Jesus was Jewish and probably has darker skin, I do know that Jogia would play a great Jesus. I picked Queen Latifah to play Sarayu because I do imagine that she is a very spiritual person, not only is she very beautiful, but she has a nice sense of humor. Which I imagine the Holy Spirit to have, humor, how else is it suppose to connect with people if it does not. Barbra Walters was picked to play God because she is a very spiritual an deep individual, she raises a lot of questions that people want to know, and covers a lot of issues on the TV Show "The View". Plus she has a mother-like feeling about her, a feeling I get when I either watch her TV or whenever I hear her talk. Mackenzie Coy was chosen to play Missy, because she is a very curious person and I know that she would be able to play a child whom asks a lot of questions and tries to find the answers. Bryan Mills was chosen to play Mack because this actor has a bit of experience with this type of thing. Just like Mack, Bryan's character in Taken's daughter was kidnapped, but unlike Mack Bryan's character's daughter was saved at the end. Each man experienced a bit of panic and sadness, but each dealt with in a different way.


Events in the Plot

I would want to make sure that the family happy and smiling before Missy's death, the fmily after Missy's death, a small part of Mack and his family in a depression, Mack going back to the Shack, Mack meeting God, Sarayu, and Jesus, a small part of showin how happy the three spirts look together, Mack growing each day with knowledge, and the ending of the story would all be in the plot. I would want to make the story seem very emotional and also every touching. I do not want it to be a drama, but more of a spiritual movie that many people could connect to and by showing the ups and downs of this family and I believe that by showing three images of God is a great way to do that.

Deleted Scenes

I would try not to delete a lot of scenes from the books, but one scene that I would delete would have the be the scene with him and his friend it was when Mack was telling him about his plans to go to the Shack. I think that this part would be unnecessary in the movie because I would rather do it so that he left his family and friend a note saying that he had something to do rather than just admitting to his friend. Though I did think it was good that his friend figured it out on his own.

Creative License

One thing that I would change in the movie from the story, would have to be the part where Mack brings all those items with him to the shack, I personally felt that it was unnecessary for him to bring all of those things. It would've been best if he just left it all at home, but now that I think about it, all the things that he brought with him represent how much of a mess his life is, he packed, food, clothes, and other things when he didn't even need to carry it around. Just like Sarayu said in the book his soul was a huge mess, but there was a lot of goodness inside.

Personal Epiphany

This story really opened my eyes and ears, it answered the questions that I, myself, have been wondering for a very long time. When I read the first chapter of the book I thought to myself, this books is really boring, but as i continued to read, I became more and more intrigued in the story. I really liked chapters 5-17 because they really did make me pay attention to the details and the things that were being said in the story. When Mack was in the garden with Sarayu and they were pulling roots and she was explaining to him the concept of Good vs. Evil or Darkness vs. Light, "Evil is a word we use to describe the absence of good, just as we use the word darkness to describe the absence of light or death to describe the absence of life. Both Evil and darkness can be understood only in relation to light and good; they do not have actual existence." It really made me think about all the things I have considered evil that were made by God, nothing is really evil or good, we consider something to be evil when we cannot see the goodness in it.

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