Meet Turkey

Turkey lies at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It was founded on October 29, 1923 it is a country with unique location, it has shaped it's history and culture.

This is Turkey, it's capital is Ankara. It is located between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Georgia, Azerbaijan Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Greece and Bulgaria. About 3%of the country lies in Thrace, a region of south-eastern Europe; the rest is made up of Anatolia, a mountainous peninsula that is part of Asia. Turkey is divided by the sea of Marmara and two narrow straits- the Dardanelles and the Phosphoric. Even though they have a great water supply they have a hard time controlling the Turkish Straits (Bosporus, Sea of Marmara, Dardanelles) the Black and Aegean Seas; Mount Ararat, the legendary landing place of Noah's ark, is in the far eastern portion of the country. Because of all the valley's and mountains the people have a better farming life. They enjoy fresh quean. Some of there most important landmarks are Mountain Ararat, the great mosque & hospital in Anatolia which were believed to be a place for spiritual and Physical healing, and Troy the historical piece.

This is the Turkish flag.

The meaning behind the flag of the Republic of Turkey depicts a white crescent moon and star on a red background. Although the crescent moon is a common symbol for Islam, it predates Muhammad by thousands of years.

Turkey's Government & Economy

Turkey is in a parliamentary democracy. There leader is Recep Tayyip Erdocan . He was chosen by a presidential elections. Before they had a one-party rule, then resulted in an experiment with multi-party politics led to the 1950 election victory of the opposition Democratic Party and the peaceful transfer of power. In there country their presidents are the head of the state, he represents the Republic of Turkey, and the unity of the Turkish nation, as well as ensuring the implementation of the Constitution of Turkey. If the citizens of turkey break laws, or do anything elegal the are sentence to be put to a end. They must afollow all laws. Turkey's Economy!!! Literacy Rate= 87.4% Life Expectancy= 73 years          Birth Rate= 16.86/1,000 GDP= Exchange Rate: $21.8 billion Purchasing Power Parity:$1.167 trillion

There main things they export is apparel, foodstuffs, textiles, metal manufactures, and transport equipment. They export to the countries Germany, Iraq, Iran, UK, UAE, Russia, Italy, France. Some of the natural resouurces they have are coal, iron ore, copper, chromium, antimony, mercury, gold, barite, borate, celestite (strontium), emery, feldspar, limestone, magnesite, marble, perlite, pumice, pyrites (sulfur), clay, arable land, hydropower They have the greatest water supply in the middle east because they have access to the Mediterranean Sea.


Turkey is 99.2% Muslim but .02% is other cultures(Christianity, Judaism). They wear the exact same clothes as us but most woman were head scarfs. The people hear speak different languages than us, they speak Turkish, Kurdish, and other minorities. Most people there speak the language Turkish. The national holidays all around the world is Nee Years. But there country holidays include......

Apr 23: National Sovereignty and Children's Day (anniversary of the establishment of Turkish Grand National Assembly  in 1920)

May 1: Labour and Solidarity Day (since 2009)

May 19: Atatürk Commemoration and Youth & Sports Day (the arrival of Atatürk in Samsun in 1919, and the beginning of the War of Independence)

Aug 30: Victory Day (victory over invading forces in 1922).

Oct 29: Republic Day (anniversary of the declaration of the Turkish Republic in 1923)

Most of there music is in Turkish, but they do a lot we do to. They make omusic videos just as us and also listened on mobile devices. The technology there is as great as are country. They have everything that we have. Including a MC Donald's or a KFC. But they do also enjoy eating fresh  food such as cucumber, watermelon, and tomato's. Older people that live there go for relaxation and peace. They sped there time on relaxing. But younger people go out for party's, concerts, and shows, just like other Americans.


The coastal areas of Turkey bordering the Sea of Marmara, which connects the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea, have a transitional climate between a temperate  of Mediterranean climate and a temperate of Oceanic climate following with warm to hot, moderately dry summers and normal cool to cold, wet winters. The average Temperature is about 82 degrees Fahrenheit and the average rainfall is about 50 mm. Because of this temperature the effect this country has on it is overall good. The weather in the summer is great for farming in the area. In the winter you get a cool and sometimes cold weather that does not go to extreme.


Some of the historical things that has happened in this great country is the Trojan war fought between armies of Troy(in Turkey)and Achaea. The troy is now one of Turkey's main landmark. Another historical event that has happened is when turkey allies with Germany in World War 1, this helped both countries attack. The last but not completely final is when Austro-Ottoman war in which the Ottoman side was defeated signifying decline of the ottoman impire.


-Some of Turkey's natural disasters are severe earthquakes, especially in northern Turkey, along  the Sea of Marmara to Lake Van volcanism. They have very little volcanic activity. There has been a record of only its three historically active volcanoes; Ararat, Nemrut Dagi, and Tendurek Dugi. These have not erupted since the 19th century or earlier.

-As much as the country is a beautiful place it does have eviroment issues including

water pollution from dumping of chemicals and detergents; air pollution, particularly in urban areas; deforestation; concern for oil spills from increasing ship traffic.



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