I am a writer, lecturer and editor, in fact an old-fashioned wordsmith.

I have published four hard-back books with another coming out in January next year.  My main speciality is history and biography, with a particular interest in Anglo-Jewish history.  The biography, which came out in 2010, was of Kathleen Raine, the English poet.  A line from one of her poems formed the title of the well known story of the otters, Ring of Bright Water.

I lecture to groups in London, such as the National Trust, on various historical subjects, particularly Elizabethan England, and am a member of the Biographers' Club, and of the Society of Authors.  I also edit other people's work, doctoral theses and unpublished manuscripts, and can undertake research, having access to most libraries and archives in this country.

I am a fanatical gardener with a diploma in garden design, though I will not dig or weed other people's gardens.  For some time I was the gardening correspondent for my local newspaper.

For 35 years my husband and I had an antiquarian bookshop in the King's Road, Chelsea, which was really where I learned about words and books and the people who read them - very good experience for a would-be writer.

My next book is now beginning to take shape, though I am not prepared to reveal anything further just yet.  'That way madness lies' (or at least plagiarism).

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