Hobbit holes

Hobbit holes have been built by fans of J.J.R Tolkiens books, but the number of built hobbit holes has increased because they are built with a reasonable price. Hobbit holes look pretty cool and unique and you cant build them in mass into any location because you need a hill to build the hobbit hole into it.

There is even a company in Costa Rica that builds hobbit homes, athough these are a lot more expencive than the ones you could build yourself but they are built by professionals and are allready furnished and are pretty large.

Simon Dale, with the help of his father in-law, has single-handedly built this low impact Hobbit house in the woodlands of West Wales. The eco-house, which rose from a muddy hole in the ground and took three months to complete, came in at under US$5,000.

this is Simon Dales hobbit house from the inside

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