A kinsman of the Capulets, he is a staunch supporter of the feud. He is passionate and violent, quick to temper and quick to draw. His hotheadedness is clearly shown in the very first scene when he, instead of assisting Benvolio in diffusing the brawl and maintaining the peace, actively seeks confrontation.

This clearly shows how Tybalt feels about the Montagues. His hatred for them is a driving force for the feud, which many wish to end.
Tybalt follows his feelings of hatred and violence and engages in a brawl between Montgaues and Capulets.
Here Tybalt thinks that Romeo, disguises at the masquerade, is a Montague, merely by his voice alone, showing his obsessive hatred.

It is clearly shown throughout the play that Tybalt's entire life is dominated by the feud and conflict between Capulets and Montagues.

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