Curiosity rover

Curiosity preparing for drilling.

What is it doing?

Curiosity is currently working on how the rivers mountains and other land marks formed. It has mapped a lot of land sense it got to mars.

-Curiosity tried to reach the top of mt. Sharp and succeeded in september 2014.

-The rover took of in 2012.

-It also has recently gathered rock dust and sent it to the scientist so the could do test on March 11, 2015.

-It spent its whole first year mapping what it could find.

this is a picture token by the rover

Whats happing sense the launch?

-Sense the launch to put Curiosity on mars scientist have learned a lot of new stuff about mars.

-On april 6, 2015 a satellite caught a picture of the rover while it was on mars. The rover has accomplished finding water on mars.

-Scientist have been trying to collect more samples of rock dust and trying to map mars of what they know so far.

-The rover has also been finding landforms that are similar to earths.

rover captured at work by satellite

Is Curiosity not the only one on mars?

- yes there have been photos that were caught be Curiosity that might show life.

-Scientist believe that this may be true considering that Curiosity found water on mars.

-How they found these was that the rovers pictures that are sent to the scientist show a lot of space so the scientist take small parts of the picture to see what they can find.

-There was a [possible] life from these pictures.

-now is there life on mars or could it be a myth? you should think and see for your self.

They clam this might be a prarrie dog

Fun Facts

- They are preparing for human discovering on mars around 2030.

- The scientist can actually see what curiosity does each day.

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