The Maze Runner

By James Dashner

Many kids, one maze, and a lot of hungry grievers. How will survive?

Above is the movie trailer.

Thomas arrives in the box and can't remember anything.

Above Thomas is out of the box and is exploring the glade(where they all live) and makes himself at home.

After a few days in the glade Minho and Alby, there leader, are about to get trapped in the maze for the night, but Thomas heroically goes in and was the first person ever to survive a night in the maze.  When they get back to the glade they nominate Thomas a runner.

Above Thomas is facing a griever with no maze running experience at all.

The day after Thomas comes a girl comes with a note that says "EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE"

After that everything did change, the sky turned gray, the supplies didn't come, and worst of all, the walls didn't close for the night.  

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