Eileen's Cookies  by Lisette F.

                         Meet Eileen

Eileen Harman is from Hastings Nebraska. She grew up on a farm south of Hastings. Eileen went to the Lincoln school of Commerce. Before she started her business,  she was a secretary and sold real Estate.  She likes to bake cakes and she took a cake decorating class.  Eileen took the class so she could make cakes for her two sons.

                                              Starting A New Business

Eileen wanted to do something  and different and  something  fun! One time she went  to  Omaha and she stopped in a cookie store. It gave her an idea to start  her own business.   When Eileen came home she took out her recipes and began to bake and sell her cookies out of her home.   Eileen had fun delivering her cookies wearing a Cookie Monster costume.

                        First Store   

Eileen's  first cookie shop was opened in Hastings, Nebraska in 1983. Now there are 21 Eileen's cookies shops.  There are stores in Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney and Omaha.  Would you believe we even have one in Papillion.  

                                                             Yum Yum!!!

Eileen's makes different kinds of delicious cookies. She makes chocolate chip, chocolate - chocolate chips with nut macadamia nuts, white chocolate, M and M,  monster oatmeal, and oatmeal  chocolate  chip.  Eileen  also makes frosted sugar cookies with designs.  At  Eileen's you can also buy pizza size cookies with different decorations.

Are you Ready for some milk  and delicious Eileen's cookies?   Eileen wanted a job that was fun and different from other kind of jobs. Baking cookies and making people happy is a great job.