Roger Bacon


Roger Bacon was born in 1214 and was an English philosopher and Franciscan Friar. He is credited as being one of the main supporters of Aristotles scientific method.

He lectured at Oxford and later at the University of Paris about Aristotle's teachings to the masses, which spread the idea far and wide and made a big impact on how people though about everyday things.

He also proved Aristotle's writings wrong on many different points, which led him to further refine the scientific method that saught to separate the truth of things and lies.

Bacon in later life became a friar and thus was unable to continue his scientific research.

Bacon impacted today by reintroducing the scientific method that we use today, and showing us that we can defend our beliefs even if everyone is against us. In his time he wasn't believed but during the Renascenc he was praised as a genius.

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