what is the treaty of Versailles ,and how did it change life in Europe ?

Actual picture taken the palace of Versailles in the evening.
A painting looking over the palace of Versailles and other parts of Versailles.

The treaty of Versailles is an agreement that ended the war. The treaty was signed on June 28,1919. Little did the Europeans know that that would be exactly five years from the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand! The treaty is made up of four hundred forty articles. Each divided into 15 parts, you do the math.

Once the war was finished life in Europe was slightly changed. There were many political changes after WW1 in Europe. Empires fell, countries were outlawed and new countries formed. Many of the boundaries were altered also. Although the Europeans were penalized the Germans were penalized the most. They had to give up their land , AND their army was reduced to 100,000 men!

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