The Piedmont

The Piedmont an ideal place for business and family fun !

The beautiful Atlanta , hometown hero to the Piedmont region . It's known best for the bright lights , temperate climate and ,   business attire ,but has the balance for fun time too. For a busy business man/women going to the braves game shows balance between fun and business . At first it sounds funny but it's true . The sky boxes are catered to you and your business aspect , while you are making deals Freddie Freeman will be hitting home runs and the people below will be doing the tomahawk chop so effetely you'll want to join in . ( Even if it is against your hometown team . ) If you are not in the mood for a little balance you will probably like to schedule a room at the beautiful Marrot hotel .  Even their the waitress/waiters will show that southern hospitality  you can only get from Georgia.

This mountain  you see is a  hotspot for granite miners (one of The Piedmonts major industries) . Most industries are relocating to the piedmont region because of the major resources . It would be  smart move to come down to the piedmont region because of all the resources weather and mixture of  opportunities for expansion .Your  business won't have a choice to just thrive because of all the things you could get in to . You might even start another business in a different category .

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