Snow Leopards

By: Bailey Arndt

Why do I like snow leopards?

Snow leopards are my favorite because leopard is my absolute favorite animal print. Snow leopards are cool because they can blend in with the snow and can hide from other predators.  It is sad that snow leopards are becoming extinct because people want their awesome fur. The other neat part about snow leopards is that they are like zebras but there black marks are spots. The other thing I like about snow leopards is that they do not roar at all.

Snow leopards are nocturnal and that is also something I like about them, because I wish I could be nocturnal. Snow leopards are small and quick so that is also a plus. Snow leopards are almost just as fast as cheetas ( pretty fast) , that is also a trait I wish I had. Also with the snow leopard that I love is that with their blue eyes they stand out so much in the snow, it is just beautiful. These are all my reasons as to why I like the Snow Leopard.

With the map below, it would not let me see the whole land area, But the map is of Central Asia.