Poetry Vocabulary Collection 4

Ben Heacox

Definition: Made of clear, brilliant glass.
Sentence: The waiter brought me my water in a crystal glass.

Definition: Tough and Strong
Sentence: Bounty paper towels are thought to be very sinewy.

Definition: Strong and muscular
Sentence: The brawny man helped the woman move her car out of the road.

Definition: Minister
Sentence: The parson did his sunday sermon on the roof of the church.

Definition: Shaped by hammering
Sentence: The bat was wrought aluminum.

Definition: Upper legs and hips of an animal
Sentence: The frog uses his haunches to jump.


1. Would a dog sit on its haunches if it were running? No the dog wouldn't because he is in action (running) not at a stand still (sitting).

2. Would you expect a weight lifter to be brawny? Yes because if you lift weight you would get stronger and more muscular.

3. Who would you expect to have sinewy hands? A sculptor because he would have to have strong hands in order to sculpt the sculpture.

4. If glass is made of crystal, is it breakable? Yes because crystal is a type of glass.

5. Would a parson likely be found in a church? Yes because a parson is a person who preaches sermons.

6. If something is wrought, was it made by hammering? Yes because wrought means shaped by hammering.

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