by: Rachel Riley


If you want a great place to visit, visit Croatia!!

Croatia is a country located in Europe. How I find Croatia on the map is, look for Italy and look across the ocean in the part of Italy that looks like the back of a boot. Croatia is a crescent shape, it also isn't a super big country.

The clothes people wear in Croatia are like the clothes we wear here in America.They wear shorts and short sleeve shirts in the summer and long pants, and long sleeve shirts in the winter.

The architecture in Croatia is a little bit like the architecture here. There is a lot of buildings with domes. Some buildings are old some buildings are new. Some buildings are big, some buildings are small.

We eat a lot of the same food Croatians do. Breakfast for some kids is like lunch to us here. There are a lot of pastries in Croatia. Sometimes Croatians eat fish, fruit, bread, and drink coffee.

The transportation in Croatia is almost exactly like it is here. There are cars in Croatia. Although there are cars in Croatia, most people do not own cars. Other than cars there are buses, trains, boats, taxis, airplanes, or you can walk.

Here are some fun facts about Croatia! The Dinaric Alps are the tallest mountains in Croatia. In Croatia they play Handball and Soccer.The Croatian alphabet has 30 letters and 5 vowels.

If I could do anything in Croatia, I would probably want to go downtown and look at some stores. I would also eat at one of the McDonald's restaurants downtown. Yes there are McDonald's in Croatia. There are beaches in Croatia too so I might also go to the beach if I were in Croatia.

You should take a trip to go to Croatia. So pack your bags,buy a plane ticket, and go to Croatia!!!!!!!!!

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