September 26, 552 BC

Do you live in the south east part of Asia or close to the Mediterranean sea come on down to Mesopotamia it is a beautiful place    


It is around the Euphrates river and the Tigris river also it is around the Arabian desert. People are moving here fast because of the stable food supply and, the rich empire that just moved in and took the Assyrians by surprise they also have the beautiful hanging gardens .

Some advantages about living in Mesopotamia are

They have a very beautiful ziggurat. The king Nebuchadnezzar worked hard to give Babylon the splendor it had enjoyed when king Hammurabi was leader. The king spent from 605-562 building the cities ziggurat and put beautiful plants everywhere for decoration and had its own irrigation system to keep all the plants green. so it gained its name of hanging gardens. He also made heavy protection around the capital of Babylon two thick walls and archer towers at the entrances and made a moat around it.

Another advantage is their leader is a military leader who has drove many army's out of their home land and expanded his empire all the way to the Mediterranean sea. Around the capitol city of Babylon he made in inner wall and in outer wall around the city and archer towers around the gates also to top that of their is a mote around the capitol. To protect the people in the capitol

Another advantage is they have made some very important inventions. One of the most famous inventions they were known for making was the sun dial. It was important because the people of Mesopotamia could use the sun dial and tell the time of the sun. Which created another important invention which was the sixty minute hour and the twenty four hour day. The can find the time of the sun by using the sun dial then using the sun by checking what time it is at any time during the day.  

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