Westward Expidition

Only pick the very best. Rory Pond.

Your majesty, King Henry VII, I need you to fund my expedition into the west.

The year is 1529 I want to leave on twelfth of May, 1534.

I would like England to fund my expedition because I feel that I would have the most success with your power backing my expedition. I was born in Scotland, but my family moved away once I was but two years of age. Now I am a strong, capable seafaring explorer who would like to go on the most important voyage of his life. On my voyage I would attempt to find gold, furs, and other valuables to bring back to you, my liege. If I can find none of those than I will look for seeds for crops that we don't have, and for salt and spices. I would go to the coast when I arrived so that I would have to deal with less problems that might be encountered inland. Spain and France would be the two biggest contenders for western riches, and they are also looking for gold and furs.If I ran into natives or other countries, I would try to have us all be on our way peacefully, but I would fight with guns and cannons if necessary. I would expect to run out of food and water, and to prevent that I would bring extra food. Thank you for your time, your lordship.

This is the route I am planning on taking, your majesty.

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