The Moon's Importance
Casey Cancinos
8th hour

The moon role

The moon is very important to Earth. They are moon phases at night. Each moon depends on how much sunlight it gets from the sun. They are of total of 8 moon phases. Ecplises are mostly occur because of the range of the moon, sun, and the Earth.

Moon Phases

We have moon phases everyday. How much sunlight that the Earth blocks to get to the moon causes moon phases. Moon phases affect us here on Earth because that provides a little bit of light to be able to see in the night. Moon phases are usually different every night. Moon phases also causes us on Earth to have eclipses. The arrangement of the type of moon phases, the sun, and the Earth causes the lunar and solar eclipses


Tides are the periodic rise and fall of the level of water in the ocean. They are mainly caused by differences in how much gravity from the moon and the sun pulls on different parts of earth. At any time there are two places high tides and two places with low tides. The rise and fall of the tides occur every 12.5 hours or so. Tides create tidal pools that are places where little pools of water stay behind and organisms thrive within them


The moon can cause eclipses or be eclipsed itself. These are called solar and lunar eclipses. In the event of a solar eclipse the sun is covered by the moon. A lunar eclipse the moon is covered by the earth. There can be partial lunar eclipses and complete lunar eclipses depending on position.

In Conclusion

The moon's role is very important. Sometimes, we don't realize that without the moon, there wouldn't be things like tides. That means that people wouldn't be able to do things like surfing. People that rely on the moon for light would live in total darkness. That means that they wouldn't be able to go out at night because they wouldn't have things like flashlights.

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