Blair Schlossberg - Gaining Big Returns for Investors

Blair Schlossberg developed and honed his knack for making the right investments in real estate over years of experience in corporate and real estate law. He received his doctor of law from Emory University in 1991 and returned to Emory ten years later to receive his Master’s degree in Business Administration. In 2009, he and his business partner Moshe Manoah founded Crown Holdings Group. 2009 was an extremely tough year for the real estate market, but as of this year, Crown Holdings Group has completed over $2 billion worth of real estate transactions, most of them going in favor of Crown’s investors. The company is one of the most reliable in the industry for bringing its investors the highest rate of returns.

Blair Schlossberg has a deep understanding of the finance and real estate industries that he uses to ensure that his investors will get a very favorable return. It is Schlossberg’s deep knowledge that consistently keeps Crown Holdings Group ahead of its competitors. Crown Holdings Group is a consortium of sorts of smaller companies that handle the three main types of real estate investments it is involved in. Schlossberg handles residential properties for Duke Homes, Inc. Marquis Investments, LLC handles apartment rental properties, and Monarch Investments Group, LLC handles retail and community shopping centers. The rise of Crown Holdings Group is a result of the vision Schlossberg and Manoah had six years ago, and its continued success is contingent upon Schlossberg’s dedication.

Schlossberg has devoted his career to gaining the best investment returns for his clients, and his experience makes him very effective at this.

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