Final Project- Lucas Carroll

Movie Poster Review

This movie poster is as close to a perfect as you can get. The movie came out when I was younger, and i knew nothing about it; yet, when I saw the poster in the theater, I had to see it. The first thing that caught my eye was the contrasting orange and white of the background and the yellow color of the bold text. The colors brought me in, and then I noticed the interesting images within the background. They told me that the movie was probably about two fighters that must fight for an attractive girl. All the images made me think that the movie was going to end in an intense fight, and I decided to see the movie because I wanted to see who won (the guy on the left did). This movie poster used the three tactics to suck me in and want to see it even though i knew nothing about it; That's the goal of every successful poster.

My Own Amusement Park

If I ran my own amusement park, I would use strategy in order to earn more money. One strategy would be to place each ride far apart, so that people will have to walk a good amount from ride to ride. Walking would make them thirsty and hungry, so I would set up snack bars or restaurants along the way. They would buy food and drinks, and I would make more money. Another thing I could do to make more money is offer a rent-a-go-cart program. Each person would rent a go-cart for a price that would be greater than the price of the gas used (so i would make money and not lose it) They could then drive from ride to ride instead of walking. Go-carts are a fun way to travel, and the experience would fit my target market, so I think it would be a success. My last strategy would be to encourage people to stay longer by incorporating a hotel package with ticket purchases. It would be cheaper to bundle the hotel and park admission, and since people are staying overnight, I would hope that they would come to the park multiple times during the course of their stay. This strategy is a lot like mountain ski resorts.

Movie Marketing Topic of Choice

The marketers of the Chucky movies had an interesting approach to marketing their movie in Brazil. They used experience marketing in order to get the word out about the movie. Experience marketing was a great choice for the movie because not only can the people see the movie poster itself, but the experience will be one they will never forget. You have to believe the people that got chased are going to tell all their friends about how Chucky popped out of a sign and chased them. They marketed in a relatively cheap way to just a few people, and through the power of public relations (people talking), word of the movie reached many more. The only thing I would recommend to the marketers would be to give the people that got chased free movie tickets. Because they have free tickets, they will hopefully ask friends, who have to buy tickets, to go with them. That increases their sales.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Variable Pricing by Amusement Parks

If amusement parks charge different prices according to the day of the week, different seasons, and holidays, they would be able to both maximize their attendance and profit. Charging a higher price during busier times like weekends, holidays, and seasons like summer will allow the parks to make a higher profit because the people will still buy practically the same amount of tickets at the high price. It will also provide the benefit of limiting the crowds so that the ticket purchasers will enjoy their time more and want to come back( nobody likes waiting in long lines). During the quieter times, if the park charges less they would attract a higher amount of people. This would allow them to maximize their profits by increasing attendance even though they decrease the price. This variable pricing is a great business strategy, and i believe it's ethical as long as the prices stay within certain parameters. The maximum increase for the busier times would be $10 in my opinion. Ten dollars isn't enough for people to say oh it's too expensive, but an increase of $10 in profit distributed among the average attendance during busy periods is a large increase.

News Story Related To Movie Industry

Why do seemingly good movies do terribly at the box office? I've seen White House Down (on TV not in theaters), and it was a good movie, so i'm assuming that the rest of them are decent too. So if the quality wasn't the issue, then what was? My opinion is the marketing of the movies. The biggest reason why i think this is I've never even heard of the movies The Last Stand or After Earth despite the fact that big stars (Arnold Schwarzenegger and Will Smith) are in them. This tells me that the marketers didn't do enough on social media, with commercials, with billboards, with trailers, etc. to make the movie more aware to people. A way that I would've marketed After Earth to make it more successful would've been through experience marketing by creating something called the After Earth Adventure. It would be a journey through a giant warehouse shooting down animals and an alien in order to reach help. Since After Earth is a sci-fi movie that takes place after a catastrophic disaster, i would find a warehouse then build terrain in it that would emulate the terrain of the movie( creepy, dark, foggy, overgrown, etc.). Also killing savage, "new age" animals and an alien is part of the movie so i would incorporate them to be targets and use laser tag guns to shoot them. Once the people made it through they would get movie tickets. In this way i would attract a giant crowd and get even more attention for the movie by people telling people about their After Earth Adventure. This would've made more people aware and buy tickets

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